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"Serendipity is real and after sitting down on a random seat in a random white van, I'm beginning to think fate might be real too! In just those brief few moments and discussion, you offered me more insight into my business than my investors and board ever have. I will benefit from both your experience and input. Let's meet!"

we have helped over 250 businesses since 2012

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Established in 2012, Fordham Henderson has since worked with over 250 a range of buisness owners from pre-revenue start-ups, established businesses to those looking to exit.
Our highly-professional and experienced mentors, coaches and consultants have all started, owned and/or run successful businesses for many years.


From sound advice to formal reports, suggestions to very strong recommendations; our results for our clients' speak for themselves and so do our client referrals.
Whether you are starting out in business, enjoying the challenges of a growing business or looking to exit an existing business Fordham Henderson will help you.

Fordham Henderson Consulting provides:

  • Expert support in all stages of your business from start-up, to business growth, to exit.
  • Teams of specialists for different business disciplines such as marketing, sales, finance, operations, people & overall strategy.
  • Excellent coverage of different sectors and industries in the UK and Internationally.
  • Personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics and situations unique to your business, no one size fits all approach!

Proven track record

Our previous projects have received numerous award nominations from organisations such as Enterprise Nation, The British Bankers Association, The Association of Business Mentors and more. Find out about our track record by taking a look at some of these projects in our case file.

Please contact us on +44 (0)333 335 0567 to arrange an appointment or use our contact form.

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